Frequently Asked Questions

I have entered an incorrect MAC address. What do I do next?

You can change this yourself once you are registered. Log into the portal and click on ‘Edit Connection Details’. If you are connected via network cable and logged on from your machine, you can use the ‘Find My Mac Address’ button. Alternatively, you can register the mac address manually.

Why I haven not received the verification email?

It is most likely that you have not received the email because it has bounced. Make sure that the email address entered works before you try and register.

If you have registered and have not received the email you can remove and add yourself again. This will regenerate the email. To do this you need to go through the registration processes, once the system finds you as a pending user it will give you the option to remove yourself from the system.

I have registered in the wrong room. How do I correct this?

Please inform your local hall reception. They will be able to update your details as required.

I moved over to different hall. How do I update my account?

Please inform your local hall reception. They will be able to update your details as required.

My room is not available from the list.

First double check, it’s easy to miss! If you still cannot find it you must inform your halls reception that you cannot find your room and they will give you further information.

I cannot log on using my University username and password?

Your Username and Password will not work if you have not fully registered (UoM and MMU students/staff). You must make sure you have registered and that your university IT account is active. A simple way to check whether your IT account is active is to log onto one of the machines at your university’s computer cluster.

What is a MAC address?

MAC stands for Media Access Control. A MAC address is used to uniquely identify an individual network device. Each phone, laptop, PDA, xbox, ps3 has one or more network devices, and each of them has its unique MAC address. We use it in our system to identify student's computers.

I went through the FAQ and I was unable to find the solution to my problem. What do I do next?

Once you’re registered, you can report a problem from your Hornet Account. One of our dedicated Hornet Reps will attend to the issue within the next 48 hours and aim to fix within next 7 days.

Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Eduroam is the Wi-Fi network at the University you need to connect to.

All eduroam usernames start with your IT account name and finish with @manchester.ac.uk

When setting up eduroam, you must enter the username in the format itaccount@manchester.ac.uk, where “itaccount” is your IT account name.

For example, if your IT account name is v12345ab, your eduroam username is v12345ab@manchester.ac.uk