About Hornet

Hornet: Established 2004

The University of Manchester provides internet connectivity to student study rooms in the Manchester halls of residence through the Hornet service. Connected rooms are fitted with a RJ45 socket that provides a high speed connection and are also provided with Wi-Fi connection.

There is no cap to the amount of data that user can send or receive over the network. The University of Manchester does however police the network for users whose devices display erratic behaviour and make excessive use of the resources.

Hornet Pricing

The Hornet service is provided free of charge.

Further Information

The service includes connection to the Internet for the specified contract period and full support.

We currently provide Hornet service in following halls:

Ashburne Hall
Burkhardt House
Canterbury (Burgess and Allworthey)
Canterbury (Cobden and Pankhurst)
Dalton Ellis Hall
George Kenyon Hall
Horniman House
Hulme Hall
Oak House
Richmond Park
Sheavyn House
St Anselm Hall
Unsworth Park
Uttley House
Whitworth Park
Woolton Hall