Hall WiFi

To set up the University wifi, whether you are on campus or in a hall with wifi you will need to follow the instruction to set up eduroam on your wireless device. Eduroam is the best option for connecting and allows you connect to the wifi of other academic institutions automatically. Alternatively you can connect to UoM_WIFI. See here for more information about the university wireless provision.

Reporting a problem with WiFi

If you have problem connecting to the WiFi please log a problem on the Hornet Portal. Once logged a member of the dedicated Hornet reps will contact you to investigate your issue and make an appointment to come and help you get connected.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Eduroam is the preferred Wi-Fi network at the University.

All eduroam usernames start with your IT account name and finish with @manchester.ac.uk

When setting up eduroam, you must enter the username in the format itaccount@manchester.ac.uk, where “itaccount” is your IT account name.

For example, if your IT account name is v12345ab, your eduroam username is v12345ab@manchester.ac.uk