Help and Support

Reporting a Problem

If you have a connection problem you can report it via the Hornet portal.

Once you have reported a problem, you will be contacted by the assigned Hornet Rep. Provide them with your availability and check your e-mail on a regular basis. Please remember to provide a detailed description of your problem.

Get connected

There are different setup instructions depending on which hall you live in.

Zone 1

Zone 2

Ashburne Hall
Dalton Ellis Hall
Oak House
Richmond Park
Sheavyn House
Whitworth Park
Woolton Hall

Burkhardt House
Canterbury Court
George Kenyon Hall
Horniman House
Hulme Hall
Saint Anselm Hall
Unsworth Park
Uttley House

Our Commitment

Once an issue is reported, the Hornet Team will contact you within two days and aim to resolve all problems within seven days. Occasionally this may not be possible for reasons beyond our control. If this is the case, the Hornet management team will be alerted and will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Hornet terminals

If you are struggling to register for Hornet or report a problem then you can use one of the Hornet terminals in halls of residence reception areas. There are currently Hornet terminals in:

  • Ashburne Hall
  • Dalton Ellis Hall
  • George Kenyon Hall
  • Whitworth Park
  • Hulme Hall
  • Oak House
  • Richmond Park
  • St Anselm Hall
  • Whitworth Park