Gaming, especially online gaming, is widely used within halls. Hornet are committed to ensuring your gaming experience is as hassle free as possible. If you find you are unable to play or update a particular game then please log a problem via the Hornet portal and we will investigate the issue.

Setting up a Console and a Computer

Games Consoles can be setup for use of live gaming services, but need to have their MAC addresses registered for use. If you already have a computer and also have a games console and want to use XBOX Live or play online with your Playstation it is possible to connect your console up without using a router (please note, using a router on the Hornet network would be a breach of terms and conditions).

You can either log-in to the Hornet Portal and change the registered MAC address or you can change the MAC address of your computer so that it is the same as the games console. How you do this will depend on the computer and operating system you are using. Once you have done this register the console MAC address on the Hornet Portal and you can then just swap the cable between devices depending on which one you want to use.

Consoles and the University Wireless

Unfortuantely due to the security features needed to run wireless within halls it is not possible to connect your games console to the wireless network. These security features are not supported on all versions of XBOX, Playstations and Switch.

Connecting a Number of Devices Simultaneously

It is not possible to connect more than one device simultaneously on Hornet as it only allows one device to be connected via the wall socket at any one time. Plugging in a switch or router will automatically cause your connection to be disconnected.

PC Gamers

Please note that under the terms and conditions of Hornet you are forbidden from running your own games servers from your room in halls over Hornet.


Please note that due to networking and security elements of the University enterprise class network, certain online features such as party chat, some online game functionality and game downloads methods may not work. We will endeavour to resolve all issues but in some cases this may not be possible.