Unsupported devices

The University wireless network uses a connection protocol called 802.1X, with security features that are not supported on certain home devices. Universities that use eduroam (which is most of them) are using 802.1X.

With that in mind, we have tried to compile a list of wireless home devices that do not work in halls. This list will be updated over time as more wifi-only devices are created. Some devices have the option of connecting to the Ethernet/wired network (e.g Xbox, Playstation), so they can be used on Hornet if they are registered on your user profile. The Amazon Alexa only uses wireless, so it will not work in halls. Please bear this in mind when deciding to bring devices to use in your halls bedroom.

The following devices do not work on the University wireless network:

  • Smart TV’s
  • Amazon Fire Stick & Amazon Fire
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Chromebook
  • XBOX
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Fitbits
  • Printers
  • PVR
  • Apple TV
  • Apple time capsule
  • Sonos Speakers

This is not an exhaustive list, please ensure all devices support 802.1X (not to be confused with 802.11)