Disconnection Types

You are reminded that any breach of the Hornet Terms of Service can result in the following actions beaning taken (see below). You are also reminded that you could be subject to further litigation or prosecution form outside companies or the police if you breach UK law. Remember that the Hornet Terms of Service are there primarily to safeguard you.


There are several reasons for which you may be disconnected from Hornet see below for some examples. You will always be notified of your disconnection via the Hornet Portal or email and in some cases by formal letter.

  • If you have breached the terms and conditions to which you signed up
  • If you have been infected with a virus
  • If there has been an official complaint about you from a third party

In addition if you log-in to the Hornet Portal it will confirm your disconnection. In most cases you will receive some instructions and after following these you will be reconnected, however depending on the severity of your offence you may also be required to pay a reconnection fee prior to being reconnected. This payment can be made at your designated Halls Office.

In the case of serious offences a member of the University Pastoral Staff and a Representative of Hornet may interview you and this may result in you being removed from the network for the rest of the year.

The fees detailed below represents an administration cost to cover the time and effort and work of those involved in pursuing the matter, actioning tasks and producing correspondence. The more serious the offence the greater the involvement of staff and time spent hence the increased fee.

Please note that Hornet only disconnects users when there is clear evidence that their computer has been implicated in a complaint. Following your disconnection you will be sent a letter that states the reason for your disconnection and if it has been for copyright abuse, will detail the offending material. There is an appeals process, the first stage of which is to contact the hornet.appeals@manchester.ac.uk. Ultimately appeals may go before the University Student Disciplinary Committee.

Disconnection Information